A connection with Sonita is a life changing experience.

You: What do you exactly do Sonita?

Me: Big loaded question there. Well.. let me answer it as simply as possible. I help you change your world.

You: Oh so you will make me happy?

Me: You will make you happy. I will walk your mind with you.

You: So how will you help me?

Me: By helping you help you.

You: That sounds like a whole lot of scary.

Me: Yep it sure is. Change is scarey. But staying the same is scarier.

You: So you will change me?

Me: You will change you.

You: How? What’s the secret?

Me: Hard work. Honesty. Not give up. And a belief you are worth it.

You: No short cut then?

Me: Since when has any shortcut you have taken to build the life you want, really ever worked?

You: Never.

Me: Only way is straight through

You: That will take forever

Me: Change is forever.  But a moment only lasts for right now. So we focus on the right now, to build the future you desire using the learning from our past.

You: We?

Me: Yes we. You won’t be walking alone.

You: So what’s the prize at the end?

Me: The prize?

You: Yeah.. the perk? The reward?

Me: You are the prize. Can you see that yet?

You: Sort of… a little maybe.

Me: And so we have begun…

You: Already? But I wasn’t ready?

Me: No one is ever ready. You see you now.. that’s the first step.

You: I thought it would be more scary.

Me: Not scary. Unknown.

You: So now I have begun?

Me: Your ripple of change has begun…..

The time is now.

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