She sits on the bench 


Sad eyes watch 

The people move

Always moving forward

Destination driving their journey.

She sighs heavily.

Her body collapses

Head down



The task of moving forwards

Overwhelms her

No life in her

She exists in the past

Locked in memories

 Comfort in the known 

Her body twitches

Slowly she stands 

Freedom she chooses

Life she chooses 

Hope she chooses

The past, it tentacles

Grip tighter

She fights harder 

Her body strains

From deep within her 

Let me go 

She runs

Doesn’t look back

She moves forward

Her destination unknown

You are free she whispers

#inspiration #freedom #letgo #befree #breakthechain #destination #hope #faith #love #dontlookback #foward #movement #life #love #soul #destiny #sonitasingh

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