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From a young age I loved to read. I loved everything about it. I would pour over books. Reading for hours on end, until my eyes were so sore I had to stop. Only to think about the story. About the words. I  loved watching films. I would become so enthralled in the story I would become lost in it. Once again thinking about it for hours. As a child I knew in my heart what my passion was…. to write. Words are powerful! Words inspire us. Awaken us. Light our souls. Words take us to new places, new thinking. Words evolve us. Writing is in my soul. It lights my world with joy. I love getting lost in a story. Lost in the design. I become my characters- live through their eyes.

Sonita Singh is fast becoming recognized as a compelling and talented story teller.

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses is a heartfelt look at the bewildering world of a child after the death of a parent. It is a reaffirmation of life, reassuring the child that even though their parent has passed away, they are still with them in the love they will continue to share. With ethereal illustrations, it is a touching read and will surely bring a measure of peace and calm to the bereaved.


Butterfly Kisses – Short Film

Produced by Jamino Media

2013 LA KID’S HERO FEST – Third Place

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Four Women. One will live. Who? They must choose.

Inspired by true events, Sonita draws on her supernatural experiences in the girl.